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Application Consulting

Do you need technical consulting and guidance? We will support you competently and professionally in all possible areas of our application markets, for example:

  • Selection of the best possible saw tool
  • Optimization of the cutting parameters
  • Determination of a necessity and type of coating
  • Use of a micro dosing System (misting cut cooling)
  • Selection of a suitable cooling lubricant.

Our consulting team includes employees from the product management and engineering. The aim of our consulting services is to provide you as the customer the best possible efficiently using LENNARTZ saw technology.

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Tool design

Each application requires a unique and specialized configuration of the tools. This is where our product management team becomes active. We will consult you with regard to the individual design options. For example: regarding the following points:

  • Selecting the most appropriate saw tool
  • Configuration of the required cutting parameters
  • Use of a suitable cooling lubricant

Please contact us! We will work together with you to formulate the optimal solution based on our experience and expertise; even for difficult sawing applications.




Repair and maintenance of your saw blades

"Is it even economically sensible?" This question often emerges when it comes to the repair of used saw blades. Of course it depends on the individual application case. With segmental saw blades, for example; broken or worn segments can be replaced relatively easy.

Pickup and delivery

We've made the process as comfortable as possible for you. Upon agreement; the pickup and delivery will be conducted by our own carrier service, through domestic or foreign service partners or other commercial freight carriers.

Creation of an expert reparability opinion

We will thoroughly examine the saw blades submitted to us for repair. Thereby, we will determine the extent of the repair according to strict economic criteria. The result of the examination will be documented for each individual blade. Based on that, we then create the order confirmation, cost estimate, as well as the operational work papers. Should a saw blade repair be impossible or not economically viable, we will of course inform you of this immediately.

Repair of the tools

The maintenance with all necessary work steps is carried out on the basis of the repair effort. For this, we have access to a modern, high-tech, quality machinery; as well as highly trained and qualified employees with many years of experience. The result of the repair is a new saw blade, which will fully meet your high demands.


In-house training at Lennartz

Each tool is only as good as the person who uses it. We organize customized seminars and training courses in our facilities for our customers and representatives.

Individual corporate training at your site

In addition, we hold industry and user-specific lectures on our customer's premises about the cutting technology, and also conduct the appropriate on-site training upon request.

Grinding services

Sharpening and grinding - our repair services

You can rely on our globally active partner network to provide the proper sharpening and repair services. Please contact us for your cutting needs.